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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beyond Basics Cricut Class lesson plan

Lesson Plan using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge – you can substitute other cartridges and shapes as you wish. If you substitute you may need to change sizes also. Feel free to play around.

• If you are just practicing and don’t want to use good cardstock or paper get a package of plain white cardstock. It is available in regular paper sizes at Wal-Mart and any office supply store. You can buy 12 X 12 at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

*Your pressure and blade should be set so your blade does not cut into your mat. It should leave a light mark on the mat but not cut into your mat. I use my machine on speed 3 most of the time. I suggest you start with the blade and the pressure both on 3 and adjust from there. If it looks like it cut most of the way through try setting the blade on 4. If it looks like it just started to cut set the pressure on 4.

Center Point –

We are going to cut 2 projects with this feature to show the versatility of this feature.

We will be using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge

• Project 1 - We are going to cut a shape from a photo.

o Measure the area of the photo where you are going to cut the shape to determine the size of the shape – we are going to use the roly poly heart (5-2) or a circle (5-1) depending on what fits your photo. Put the photo on the mat and move the blade to the center of where you want the image to be.

o Set your speed to 3 – your pressure to 3 and your blade to 3 or 4 depending on how your machine cuts and how new your blade is.

o cut

• Project 2 – Try cutting a shape from a patterned paper. If you are just practicing draw a shape in plain paper and then cut it out. Try different shapes, circles, squares, flowers, hearts, diamonds, etc.

Mix ‘n Match –

Remember the last letter or shape you type changes to the next feature you choose. Example you select mix ‘n match then type ABC then select shadow the C will be a shadow. The following example shows you how to cut ABC from the regular Plantin Schoolbook font, italics, shadow, tall ball and roly poly so when you are done you have ABC of each font style.

cut A-B-C with the 5 different font sets from Plantin Schoolbook cartridge

o Select Mix ‘n Match

o Set size to 2”

o type abca - hit italics type bca - hit shadow type bca - hit tall ball type bca - hit roly poly type bc-

o to check what you have typed use the arrow keys under the screen you will notice the keyboard lights change.

o then hit cut

o I used letters as an example but this can be done with any image.

Auto Fill - White cardstock 6 X 6

• You can do this on any size piece of paper. We are using a 6 X 6 to save time. It takes about 5 minutes to run this on a 12 X 12 and probably longer if you are cutting.

o You can cut with this function but we are going to use the Cricut markers instead to make a background paper.

o We will be using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge

o Hit reset all.

o Load your paper on the bottom left corner of your mat.

o Insert your mat into your machine. Move your blade to the top corner of your paper.

o Hit set paper size. Your display should say the paper is 6x6

o Take out your cutting blade and put in the Cricut marker.

o Set speed (2) and pressure (2)(settings on marker)

o If you are cutting use the settings on your Cricut that you have been using to cut cardstock.

o Select Auto fill - hit star (5-3) from Plantin Schoolbook - - set size at 1 ½ inches – after you hit cut the display will tell you how many fit on the page

o in this case it should be 9

o While this is running explain that this feature can be used to make background paper or die cut paper.

Fit to page (we are going to make 2 projects here)

• Project 1 - Large award die cut or any image you choose

o select fit to page

o select shift 5-6 (award) or your image

o cut

Project 2 – 2 patterned papers – card and envelope

o Hit reset all

o When doing cards you need to cut the envelope first.

o Load your envelope paper on your mat. Keep in mind the direction of the pattern. For the envelope and the card you need the pattern to be the correct orientation as it is loaded into the Cricut. So the way the pattern runs as you are looking at it in the Cricut is what it will be after cutting.

o Select fit to page – shift 5-8 key on overlay

o When you hit cut the Cricut calculates the size and the display tells you what size it is cutting.

o Pay attention to the size after it gets done calculating we need to know this for the card*. (6”)

o Load your card paper on your mat. Keep in mind the direction of the pattern. You need the pattern to be the correct orientation as it is loaded into the Cricut. So the way the pattern runs as you are looking at it in the Cricut is what it will be after cutting.

o Turn off fit to page – be sure shift is off – *set size dial to the size the envelope said it cut – (6”) select 5-8

o You can fold the envelope while the card is cutting, fold at the little tick marks. The 2 side pieces fold in first then the large piece folds up. The smaller flap is the closure.

o Save the extra paper from the envelope & card. Use a piece of the solid side from the envelope paper for the sentiment inside the card. Use a 3” x 2 ½” rectangle of the solid card paper for address part of the outside of the envelope.

• Fit to length (fits the image to cut the length you set)

• –we are going to cut a city border

o put a 4 inch strip length ways on your mat

o set size to 6” – turn on fit to length – select city (4-8) – cut

End caps – this is a feature on Plantin Schoolbook but it could also be on other cartridges. It is also explained in your Plantin Schoolbook handbook.

• 2 pieces 4 x 12 paper of different colors

o Put 2 strips on your mat with opposite colors showing. Set size to 2” look at the book page 79 we are going to use the tag1 for the end cap. Turn on End Caps - select tag1 (5-7) for end cap left - then type your name – and select shift-tag2 (5-7) for end cap right - then cut

o if you want the tag shape on both ends after you hit the tag again hit Mix ‘n match and flip

o DO NOT unload mat

• End caps shadow

o Hit line return and use the directional arrows to move your blade to the other paper. Take off end caps and select end caps shadow and repeat last – press cut

Using markers to accent a shape –

o We are going to do an apple. Using Plantin Schoolbook cartridge

o remove blade and insert a Cricut marker

o select roly poly apple (5-6)

o Using a 4 X 4 piece of paper Put paper on mat

o set size to 2 ½” – hit cut

o DO NOT unload paper – put post-it note under pen to keep from marking on your image

o Remove pen & insert blade - set pressure to previous setting

o Remove post-it note

o Hit load paper – repeat last - cut

3D shape – 1 patterned paper

We are going to cut the round bag from Plantin Schoolbook cartridge

This bag cut corner ways on the paper (left to right)

o Hit fit to page - Tall Ball - bag (5-9) - cut

o Fold the little tabs in – lay the bag on the table with the round die down - put adhesive along one inside edge of the bag and starting from the bottom of the bag push the tabs in place lining up the outside edge of the bag and the edge of the side. Do the other side then turn the bag over and put adhesive on both sides and carefully fold the bag to the tabs put your hand inside the bag and push the tabs in place.

• Remember every cartridge handbook has a project. Practice with those as well. The best way to learn how to use your Cricut is to just play with it.

Feel free to post questions on my blog, I will answer them as best I can & as soon as possible.


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