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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cricut Basics Class project

As promised here are the project instructions.
Cricut Basics Project

1. make sure blades & pressure setting are correct before starting

2. Go over what each piece of paper is for

a. SEI stripe paper – base page

b. Green cardstock (½ sheet) - layer

c. Brown cardstock – letter shadow, scallop border & photo mats

d. Redish cardstock – letters, leaf & photo mats

3. First we will cut the shadows for the letters

4. press the shadow feature key

5. set size to 2 inches (George/ Don Juan use 1 ½)

6. put the brown paper on your Cricut mat

7. load mat

8. type in "wondersfall” do not use spaces


a. Check to see if it cut all the way through. If it did not cut all the way through we need to adjust your settings. if not hit load paper, repeat last, and cut.

10. Hit load last when reloading your mat

11. now set your size to 1 inch and type “ofthe”

12. cut

13. Unload your mat turn it around and load it again

14. Now we are going to cut the scallop border strip

15. take off the shadow feature

16. set size to 1 ¾ inches (the final cut will be about 11 ¼)

17. press the scallop key (4-9)

18. cut

19. Unload mat when the cut is finished remove excess paper then remove the cut shapes and set aside

20. now we will cut the letters

21. set size to 2 inches (George/ Don Juan use 1 ½)

22. put the red paper on your Cricut mat

23. load mat

24. type in “wondersfall” do not use spaces

25. press cut DO NOT UNLOAD YOUR MAT

26. now set your size to 1 inch and type “ofthe”

27. press cut DO NOT UNLOAD YOUR MAT

28. Now we are going to cut a leaf
Hit the Roly Poly feature key (Don Juan – UnderPR feature)

29. set size to 2 ¾ inches (DJ - 3”)

30. select the leaf (shift 5-5) (DJ – 2-3)

31. Now cut

32. Unload mat when the cut is finished remove excess paper and remove images and set aside

33. Save the leftover pieces to make photo mats.

Now it is time to assemble the page

You will need a trimmer, scissors & adhesive.

1. adhere your letters on the shadows

2. take the border strip and cut off the first scallop and set it aside

3. adhere the remainder of the border piece to the right edge on bottom of the green paper so just the scallop portion shows

4. Then put the small piece on the right edge. There will be a gap between the 2 pieces. (the leaf goes here)

5. Now cut the strip off the bottom of your stripe paper – with the stripes going vertical adhere the green paper with the scallop border on the bottom about 3 inches form the top of the page.

6. Before adhering the letters place them on the page to see how you want them. Then one letter at a time pick them up add your adhesive and put them back with out moving the other letters.

7. Place the red leaf over the gap in the border. I popped mine with foam tape.

8. put your leaf stickers where you’d like I put mine on the corners of the green mat layer

9. Use your scraps for photo mats.

10. I cut the red mats at 4 ¼ X 4 ¼ and 6 ¼ X 4 ¼

11. The brown mats at 4 X 4 and 6 X 4

12. When adding pictures to a 4 X 6 mat, just trim ¼” or ½” from one long side and one short side of your photo and you have a perfectly 1/8” or 1/4” matted photo.

13. You can bling up your page with stickles, brads, etc.

14. I edged my red leaf with a brown maker pen and made leaf veins.

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