I will be posting some of my projects from time to time check back to see what is new.

I am so very sad that Memories on Fifth has closed. I will no longer be doing classes. I may offer some shape album class kits in 2012 on my blog.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No more classes

I am so sad that Memories on Fifth has closed.
And this means I will no longer be doing shape album classes or Cricut classes.
At least not in the near future. I might figure out something at a later date.
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Thanks for all that did attend my classes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beyond Basics Cricut Class lesson plan

Lesson Plan using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge – you can substitute other cartridges and shapes as you wish. If you substitute you may need to change sizes also. Feel free to play around.

• If you are just practicing and don’t want to use good cardstock or paper get a package of plain white cardstock. It is available in regular paper sizes at Wal-Mart and any office supply store. You can buy 12 X 12 at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

*Your pressure and blade should be set so your blade does not cut into your mat. It should leave a light mark on the mat but not cut into your mat. I use my machine on speed 3 most of the time. I suggest you start with the blade and the pressure both on 3 and adjust from there. If it looks like it cut most of the way through try setting the blade on 4. If it looks like it just started to cut set the pressure on 4.

Center Point –

We are going to cut 2 projects with this feature to show the versatility of this feature.

We will be using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge

• Project 1 - We are going to cut a shape from a photo.

o Measure the area of the photo where you are going to cut the shape to determine the size of the shape – we are going to use the roly poly heart (5-2) or a circle (5-1) depending on what fits your photo. Put the photo on the mat and move the blade to the center of where you want the image to be.

o Set your speed to 3 – your pressure to 3 and your blade to 3 or 4 depending on how your machine cuts and how new your blade is.

o cut

• Project 2 – Try cutting a shape from a patterned paper. If you are just practicing draw a shape in plain paper and then cut it out. Try different shapes, circles, squares, flowers, hearts, diamonds, etc.

Mix ‘n Match –

Remember the last letter or shape you type changes to the next feature you choose. Example you select mix ‘n match then type ABC then select shadow the C will be a shadow. The following example shows you how to cut ABC from the regular Plantin Schoolbook font, italics, shadow, tall ball and roly poly so when you are done you have ABC of each font style.

cut A-B-C with the 5 different font sets from Plantin Schoolbook cartridge

o Select Mix ‘n Match

o Set size to 2”

o type abca - hit italics type bca - hit shadow type bca - hit tall ball type bca - hit roly poly type bc-

o to check what you have typed use the arrow keys under the screen you will notice the keyboard lights change.

o then hit cut

o I used letters as an example but this can be done with any image.

Auto Fill - White cardstock 6 X 6

• You can do this on any size piece of paper. We are using a 6 X 6 to save time. It takes about 5 minutes to run this on a 12 X 12 and probably longer if you are cutting.

o You can cut with this function but we are going to use the Cricut markers instead to make a background paper.

o We will be using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge

o Hit reset all.

o Load your paper on the bottom left corner of your mat.

o Insert your mat into your machine. Move your blade to the top corner of your paper.

o Hit set paper size. Your display should say the paper is 6x6

o Take out your cutting blade and put in the Cricut marker.

o Set speed (2) and pressure (2)(settings on marker)

o If you are cutting use the settings on your Cricut that you have been using to cut cardstock.

o Select Auto fill - hit star (5-3) from Plantin Schoolbook - - set size at 1 ½ inches – after you hit cut the display will tell you how many fit on the page

o in this case it should be 9

o While this is running explain that this feature can be used to make background paper or die cut paper.

Fit to page (we are going to make 2 projects here)

• Project 1 - Large award die cut or any image you choose

o select fit to page

o select shift 5-6 (award) or your image

o cut

Project 2 – 2 patterned papers – card and envelope

o Hit reset all

o When doing cards you need to cut the envelope first.

o Load your envelope paper on your mat. Keep in mind the direction of the pattern. For the envelope and the card you need the pattern to be the correct orientation as it is loaded into the Cricut. So the way the pattern runs as you are looking at it in the Cricut is what it will be after cutting.

o Select fit to page – shift 5-8 key on overlay

o When you hit cut the Cricut calculates the size and the display tells you what size it is cutting.

o Pay attention to the size after it gets done calculating we need to know this for the card*. (6”)

o Load your card paper on your mat. Keep in mind the direction of the pattern. You need the pattern to be the correct orientation as it is loaded into the Cricut. So the way the pattern runs as you are looking at it in the Cricut is what it will be after cutting.

o Turn off fit to page – be sure shift is off – *set size dial to the size the envelope said it cut – (6”) select 5-8

o You can fold the envelope while the card is cutting, fold at the little tick marks. The 2 side pieces fold in first then the large piece folds up. The smaller flap is the closure.

o Save the extra paper from the envelope & card. Use a piece of the solid side from the envelope paper for the sentiment inside the card. Use a 3” x 2 ½” rectangle of the solid card paper for address part of the outside of the envelope.

• Fit to length (fits the image to cut the length you set)

• –we are going to cut a city border

o put a 4 inch strip length ways on your mat

o set size to 6” – turn on fit to length – select city (4-8) – cut

End caps – this is a feature on Plantin Schoolbook but it could also be on other cartridges. It is also explained in your Plantin Schoolbook handbook.

• 2 pieces 4 x 12 paper of different colors

o Put 2 strips on your mat with opposite colors showing. Set size to 2” look at the book page 79 we are going to use the tag1 for the end cap. Turn on End Caps - select tag1 (5-7) for end cap left - then type your name – and select shift-tag2 (5-7) for end cap right - then cut

o if you want the tag shape on both ends after you hit the tag again hit Mix ‘n match and flip

o DO NOT unload mat

• End caps shadow

o Hit line return and use the directional arrows to move your blade to the other paper. Take off end caps and select end caps shadow and repeat last – press cut

Using markers to accent a shape –

o We are going to do an apple. Using Plantin Schoolbook cartridge

o remove blade and insert a Cricut marker

o select roly poly apple (5-6)

o Using a 4 X 4 piece of paper Put paper on mat

o set size to 2 ½” – hit cut

o DO NOT unload paper – put post-it note under pen to keep from marking on your image

o Remove pen & insert blade - set pressure to previous setting

o Remove post-it note

o Hit load paper – repeat last - cut

3D shape – 1 patterned paper

We are going to cut the round bag from Plantin Schoolbook cartridge

This bag cut corner ways on the paper (left to right)

o Hit fit to page - Tall Ball - bag (5-9) - cut

o Fold the little tabs in – lay the bag on the table with the round die down - put adhesive along one inside edge of the bag and starting from the bottom of the bag push the tabs in place lining up the outside edge of the bag and the edge of the side. Do the other side then turn the bag over and put adhesive on both sides and carefully fold the bag to the tabs put your hand inside the bag and push the tabs in place.

• Remember every cartridge handbook has a project. Practice with those as well. The best way to learn how to use your Cricut is to just play with it.

Feel free to post questions on my blog, I will answer them as best I can & as soon as possible.


How to cut fabric with the Cricut

Although I have never done this, I have been asked many times how to cut fabric with the Cricut. The following was posted in the Cricut newletter:

How to cut fabric with the Cricut

Q: I just got my Cricut and am so excited! Although I do a few paper crafts, I mainly got it to cut fabric for appliqué shapes to quilt & sew. But how on earth do you cut fabric with this thing?!? I tried ironing on a fusible backing onto the fabric and changing the blade depth and pressure - but my fabric always bunches up. Any tips would be great. Thank you so much!!!

A: Here is some info from You Had Me at Craft:

1. Always use a mat for just fabric...take the time and use a marker and print on the top of the mat cover (FABRIC).

2. Use a quality interfacing or bonding product. A quality product takes a little more time to use but the results are the best. It can be found at JoAnn's fabric store and it has to be cut so you buy it by the yard.

3. Start cutting your fabric to the size of the mat you will be using. Then cut your bonding product to that size also. Follow with ironing your fabric to get wrinkles out. Then apply the interface bonding to the back of fabric. Turn both the fabric and interface bonding product over and iron the fabric top. DO NOT iron the bonding side you will have a mess on your iron trust me on that one.

4. Applying your fabric to the mat: Make sure it’s on smoothly. You will see some wrinkles; don’t get upset they won’t show on the fabric after it is cut.

5. Setting your Cricut up for the cut: PRESSURE is MAX. Speed is MAX. Select Multi Cut and then set the blade at 5. Now you're ready to CUT.

6. Remove your fabric and slowly peel away from mat using your spatula. Be careful as you go. You now have to remove the paper backing.

7. Now you have a choice to either sew the cut fabric onto your project or just iron it on.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Beyond Basics Class

Beyond basics class members -  I will be out of town this weekend and I want to go over the instructions before I post them to make sure they are complete. So I will have them posted sometime on Tuesday. Be sure to check back.
 I am going to post the instructions for the class, the helpful hints section of the class and also instructions on cutting fabric with the Cricut. These will be in 3 seperate posts so be sure to check them all out.
Happy Cricuting everyone.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cricut Basics Class project

As promised here are the project instructions.
Cricut Basics Project

1. make sure blades & pressure setting are correct before starting

2. Go over what each piece of paper is for

a. SEI stripe paper – base page

b. Green cardstock (½ sheet) - layer

c. Brown cardstock – letter shadow, scallop border & photo mats

d. Redish cardstock – letters, leaf & photo mats

3. First we will cut the shadows for the letters

4. press the shadow feature key

5. set size to 2 inches (George/ Don Juan use 1 ½)

6. put the brown paper on your Cricut mat

7. load mat

8. type in "wondersfall” do not use spaces


a. Check to see if it cut all the way through. If it did not cut all the way through we need to adjust your settings. if not hit load paper, repeat last, and cut.

10. Hit load last when reloading your mat

11. now set your size to 1 inch and type “ofthe”

12. cut

13. Unload your mat turn it around and load it again

14. Now we are going to cut the scallop border strip

15. take off the shadow feature

16. set size to 1 ¾ inches (the final cut will be about 11 ¼)

17. press the scallop key (4-9)

18. cut

19. Unload mat when the cut is finished remove excess paper then remove the cut shapes and set aside

20. now we will cut the letters

21. set size to 2 inches (George/ Don Juan use 1 ½)

22. put the red paper on your Cricut mat

23. load mat

24. type in “wondersfall” do not use spaces

25. press cut DO NOT UNLOAD YOUR MAT

26. now set your size to 1 inch and type “ofthe”

27. press cut DO NOT UNLOAD YOUR MAT

28. Now we are going to cut a leaf
Hit the Roly Poly feature key (Don Juan – UnderPR feature)

29. set size to 2 ¾ inches (DJ - 3”)

30. select the leaf (shift 5-5) (DJ – 2-3)

31. Now cut

32. Unload mat when the cut is finished remove excess paper and remove images and set aside

33. Save the leftover pieces to make photo mats.

Now it is time to assemble the page

You will need a trimmer, scissors & adhesive.

1. adhere your letters on the shadows

2. take the border strip and cut off the first scallop and set it aside

3. adhere the remainder of the border piece to the right edge on bottom of the green paper so just the scallop portion shows

4. Then put the small piece on the right edge. There will be a gap between the 2 pieces. (the leaf goes here)

5. Now cut the strip off the bottom of your stripe paper – with the stripes going vertical adhere the green paper with the scallop border on the bottom about 3 inches form the top of the page.

6. Before adhering the letters place them on the page to see how you want them. Then one letter at a time pick them up add your adhesive and put them back with out moving the other letters.

7. Place the red leaf over the gap in the border. I popped mine with foam tape.

8. put your leaf stickers where you’d like I put mine on the corners of the green mat layer

9. Use your scraps for photo mats.

10. I cut the red mats at 4 ¼ X 4 ¼ and 6 ¼ X 4 ¼

11. The brown mats at 4 X 4 and 6 X 4

12. When adding pictures to a 4 X 6 mat, just trim ¼” or ½” from one long side and one short side of your photo and you have a perfectly 1/8” or 1/4” matted photo.

13. You can bling up your page with stickles, brads, etc.

14. I edged my red leaf with a brown maker pen and made leaf veins.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Trick or Treat Shapes Album

Welcome to the neighborhood! I have created this unique Trick or Treat Shapes Album full of cute little costume adorned children.  This will be my last shapes album due to Memories on Fifth closing at the end of October. There is a very limited number of these kits available so don't wait to sign up for this super cute album. Here is the front and a page from the inside. All the inside pages are similarly decorated with the costumed adorned children. This is one you truly have to see to appreciate. Don't let this one get away.
The class is October 20th class fee is $30

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hawks Shapes Album

Hi everyone
Here is my September class album. Come to Memories on Fifth for a closer look at this Hawks football mini album. This black and gold mini is made with licensed American Laser Creations images. Class is Thursday, September 15th class fee is $30. You get an extra sheets of black and gold cardstock for mats as well as a few embellishments. There are kits availabe at the store if you can not attend the class. Stop in or call Memories on Fifth there is a limited number of kits availabe and they are going fast. This one is sure to sell out before the class date so don't miss out.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cricut Beyond Basics Class

Anyone coming to the August 11th Cricut Beyond Basics class~
If you have the Plantin Schoolbook and/or Stretch Your Imagination Cricut cartridges please bring it with you to class. We will be using these 2 cartridges in class to demonstrate how the mode features of the expression work. If you only have the original Cricut don't worry I will be showing you some tricks to make the original Cricut do some of those features anyway.
See you all on the 11th

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cricut Basics Class Update

Here is the layout for you so you can finish yours.

Web sites you might be interested in:
This site has keyword search info. They call it a Cricut Cheat Sheet http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cricutcheatsheet/

This web site has the list of fonts from all cartridges as well as a list of all cartridges including retired cartridges. Click on "Cartridge Info" http://myfaqcricutds.blogspot.com/

This web site has the gel pens for the Cricut. These are not made by Provo Craft but they work great with the Cricut. They also have the mini sharpies and a holder for the Cricut. This is new and I don't have them but I am sure they work just fine. http://www.cri-kits.com/

For those of you that are taking the Beyond Basics Cricut class on August 11th we will be using the Cricut markers so if you have them please being them with you. We will also be using the Plantin Schoolbook and the Stretch Your Imagination cartridges so if you have those please bring them with you to class also.

Feel free to leave comments or questions here or email me. I will answer you as soon as possible. Usually in just a few days.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shape album kits available

I have a very limited number of kits available for purchase. $5 Shipping to USA ONLY via flat rate priority mail, kits are $25.00 each. Please specify which kit(s) you want. All kits come with the small parts pre-assembled, detailed written instructions and a help email address.
  • Pet Shapes Albums (ONLY 1 remaining)
  • Easter (ONLY 1 remaining)
  • Summer (2 remaining)
If you are interested or would like more informaion contact me via email or post to this blog and I will get back to you.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sea Animals Shapes Album

Here is the August class album. Sea Animals Shapes Album. Class is August 18th. Class fee is $25
This album is good for any of your water fun or vacation photos. Especially an aquarium visit or Sea World.

My blog has been featured by ScrapbookLayoutsIdeas.com

Hey all I am honored ScrapbookLayoutsIdeas.com has featured my blog at http://scrapbooklayoutsideas.com/blog_awards/index.php?id=27893
They are the largest scrapbooking website featuring more than 30,000+ blogs. Our site averages 200,000+ uniques visitors per month. Click on the link to see my blog featured and while you are there check out the site and some other great crafters.
If you sign up to follow my blog by email (on the left) you will get an email when I post a new entry to my blog. That way you will always know when something new has been posted.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Shapes Album

Hi Everybody. The July class album is at Memories on Fifth to view. Class is July 14th the class fee is $25.
This album is made with the Echo Park Summer Days paper line. You get a full 12 X 12 sticker sheet to use as you wish. Remember everything is cut and  the peices are pre-assembled for you all you need to do is glue everthing in place. It couldn't be easier. Ther is a limited number of kits available so sign up right away to assure yourself one of these cute summer albums. You can use it for photos of any summer activity.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pet Shapes Album

There are a few Pet Shapes Albums left if anyone is interested. All kits come with detailed instructions everything is cut out so all youi have to do is assemble the album and add your photos.
If you would like a kit contact Memories on Fifth at (319) 354-0432, kits are $25.00 and can be shipped for the actual cost of shipping. Thank You!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wedding Shapes Album

The new wedding shapes album is finished. The class will be held at Memories of Fifth on June 23rd. Class fee is $25. There is a limited number of class kits available and more will not be added when class is full so sign up ASAP.
Thanks for your visit. I hope to see many of you in my class.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pet Shapes Album

Hey everyone, I finally got the pet shapes album sample finished.
Class is May 19th - class fee is $25 the class is half full so if you want this album sign up ASAP.
There is a limited number of these kits.
Stop in to Memories on Fifth for a closer look.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I just wanted to let you people know that I will not be repeating any albums exactly. I will repeat themes that sell out, like I am going to do another wedding album but the shapes will vary and the paper will be different. Themes that do not sell out will not likely be repeated, for instance the school album did not sell out last fall so I am not likely to do a school album this fall. So don't hold off getting your shapes albums thinking that they will be repeated because they may not. I have many albums designed so I am not interested in repeating themes that are not selling well.
As for those followers from other areas of the country, if you would like to purchase a kit you can call Memories on Fifth (319-354-0432) with credit card and shipping info and they will ship you a kit. They will charge you for shipping but only the actual cost of shipping. Written instructions will be provided for all kits and my contact info is also provided if you have questions. Only current kits are available just let them know which shapes album you are interested in and they will letyou know if it is available, be sure to say "shapes album" and the theme as there are other album classes.
Thank you for your interest in my shapes albums.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Album

Finally! I got the baby album done.
The sample album is a girl album you will get additional peices for boy and twin.
Class date April 14th --- cost $25

Friday, March 4, 2011

Easter Shapes Album

I have the Easter Shapes Album finished. The class will be March 24th class fee is $25. You can sign up by calling Memories on Fifth. You can see the album in the store after 6pm today.